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Embedded Storage & Network Security Quarterly Report September 2012
Needed: Self-Protecting, Security-Aware Mobile Applications with Anti-Tamper Technology
Application providers need to step up and begin building in sufficient security for mobile devices, including vulnerability mitigation, re-evaluation of trust and incorporation of secure authentication channels.  (more)
MILCOM 2012: "Trusted Communications…Awareness to Action" October 29 – November 1, 2012, Orlando, FL
Join your military, academic and industry colleagues at the MILCOM 2012 conference in Orlando, Florida. All general sessions, panel discussions, tutorials, technical sessions, special events and industry exhibits will be held under one roof at the Gaylord Palms Convention Center near Walt Disney World.
Icon Labs Floodgate™ Embedded Firewall Software Protects Storage and Security Devices from Internet Attacks
D-Link Chooses TeamF1 to Provide Software for Advanced SMB Security Devices
VME/VME64x Backplanes and Chassis Made in the USA
Kilopass Announces Breakthrough Technology to Quadruple Memory Capacity for Embedding Non-Volatile Data in System-on-Chip (SOC) Products
Elliptic Technologies and ViXS Systems Collaborate to Secure Streaming of HD Video and Audio Content in Entertainment Devices
Cortus APS3 Processor Deployed in Selected Discretix CryptoCell® Security Platforms
Intel Labs Tunes into a Wireless Future Where Everything that Computes is Connected
X-ES Introduces 6U CompactPCI SBC Featuring 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Proc
Intel to Software Developers: Embrace Era of Transparent Computing
LSI High-Availability Direct-Attached Storage Solutions Chosen by Intel to Enhance its RAID Portfolio
Teledyne LeCroy Announces New NVM Express Device Controller Emulator
Global Machine to Machine (M2M) Market worth $85.96 Billion by 2017: MarketsandMarkets
Microchip Strengthens Parallel Flash Memory Portfolio with High-Speed, Low-Power Devices
Icon Labs
Icon Labs provides a high performance embedded firewall solutions and embedded SSH/SSL security protocols. Floodgate firewall protects network connected devices from hackers and DoS attacks. Iconfidant SSH and SSL provide secure, standards based remote access.
Team F1
TeamF1's SecureF1rst family of embedded networking and security software solutions – enabling OEMs/ODMs build market differentiated, leading-edge, easily manageable networking devices for small-to-medium business (SMB) and residential market segments – with much less risk and time-to-revenue than otherwise possible. Portfolio includes VPN, Firewall, UTM, NAS, residential gateways and any other custom design.
Optimize the Cost-Performance of LTE Networking Equipment To achieve the necessary wire-speed performance for large numbers of virtual networks, the underlying software architecture must provide optimized support for key technologies such as virtualization, SDN and DPI. (more)
Swissbit Readies Next Growth Phase Firm expands DRAM module and storage lines. (more)
Needed: Self-Protecting, Security-Aware Mobile Applications with Anti-Tamper Technology Application providers need to step up and begin building in sufficient security for mobile devices, including vulnerability mitigation, re-evaluation of trust and incorporation of secure authentication channels. (more)
Requirements for Storage Solutions in Military and Aviation Applications SSDs designed for aerospace and defense are rugged and reliable. (more)
High-Speed Mobile Data Acquisition Using Off-the-Shelf Components Realizing the potential of Intel embedded solutions in mil/aero digital data recording applications (more)
The Case for Optimal Mid-Sized Shelves for AdvancedTCA Applications The doors have opened with new possibilities in mid-sized ATCA shelves, which are gaining traction in applications such as military, data center and telco designs. (more)
The Benefits of Integrated Security in Network Flow Processing Implementing integrated crypto/IPsec solutions reduces cost relative to multi-chip architectures while increasing overall security of the system. (more)
Selection Criteria for High-Endurance Industrial Storage Solutions Until recently, high entry-level prices often discouraged the use of industrial SSDs, but thanks to ongoing price optimization they are now becoming more popular as storage media. (more)
Make the Most of MCU Sleep Modes Predict how well an MCU will perform over its lifetime on a single battery charge, and make intelligent architecture choices. The advent of inexpensive, energy-efficient embedded processors and smart-object (more)
Analysis of LTE Base Station Software Deployment on Multicore SoCs To achieve full multicore entitlement, SoCs require a hardware infrastructure without bottlenecks, as well as a simplified software infrastructure. The advent of high-speed cellular services like 4G LTE (more)
Multicore Balancing Act The transition to multicore helps meet performance requirements while still fitting into the power, area and cost constraints of embedded systems. Based on recent studies, the VDC Research Embedded Software (more)
More Analog Needed for Multicore SoCs Minimizing on-chip power consumption continues to be one of the greatest challenges facing SoC designers. Everyone who owns a cell phone has undoubtedly seen the effect on limited battery life firsthand, (more)
Technology to Help You Sleep Better at Night Heterogeneous multicore designs help reduce system cost, size and power consumption for real-time, high-performance systems worldwide. While people may not realize it, they interact with or depend (more)
How Low Can You Go? Ultra-low-power microcontroller technologies may revolutionize new designs. VDC Research embedded hardware team analysts left Embedded World 2012 with the impression that this is the Year of the Microcontroller (more)
Energy Harvesting Comes of Age for Wireless Sensor Networks Enabling technologies include cost-effective energy-harvesting devices, small and efficient energy-storage devices and single-chip, ultra-low-power wireless MCUs. As wireless sensor nodes become commonplace (more)
Flat Program? Overheated Multicore Application? Roadside assistance with an industry-standard inter-process communication - MCAPI Planning the Multicore Journey Approaching multicore is like planning a road trip; the vehicle should be in good shape (more)
Maximize Multicore Processor Efficiency with Parallel Programming Paradigms A heterogeneous multicore architecture can significantly improve parallelization and scale with silicon technology, enabling the performance to drive today's mobile broadband networking applications. The (more)
Embedded Virtualization's Tipping Point Embedded engineers remain unfamiliar with concept of virtualization for mobile and embedded systems. VDC Research analysts expect next-generation technologies – including multicore and operating system (more)
Facebook Wants New and Cheaper Memories For years, Intel Corp., and to a lesser extent, the systems and memory houses, dictated the roadmaps in the processor, DRAM and other segments Traditionally, Intel rolls out a new microprocessor and an (more)
Why Anti-Fuse is The Only Secure Choice for Encryption Key Storage Technology is only an advantage when your secrets stay safe The problem for digital multimedia content owners is that consumers are demanding access to content anytime, anywhere and on any device. Gone (more)
The New Reality of Network Security Mobile computing will only increase in the years to come, forcing security professionals to rethink approaches and protective measures Our roundtable discussion addresses the challenges of securing mobile (more)
Storage Strategies for AdvancedTCA Platforms A four-tiered storage approach lets customers choose the right capacity, performance, topology and price point AdvancedTCA® (ATCA®) technology is well established as the defacto open standard route (more)
Ease-of-Use No Longer Just Nice-to-Have Making security usable is a must and not merely a nice-to-have feature Does your connected embedded device brag that it has the latest security technologies built-in? Do you feel reassured when an embedded (more)
Security Measures for Internet Enabled Devices Increased reliance on intelligent devices and a growing number of Internet-based threats requires proactive security measures Embedded devices are the fastest growing segment of Internet users and (more)
Cloud-based Architecture Supports Today's Military Advanced Networks are Creating the Concept of a Mobile Distributed Data Center In our roundtable discussion, storage experts, Rubin Dhillon, industry manager defense communications, GE Intelligent Platforms (more)
Security in the LTE Network IP network security should be effective without affecting the user experience Adax IPsec integrated with the PacketAMC provides hardware acceleration for high levels of performance and reliability Security (more)
Rugged and Secure Storage for Embedded Applications Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc. (X-ES) provides ruggedized solid-state storage solutions in form factors to fit a wide spectrum of embedded computing application needs. Solid-state storage devices (more)
Online & Offline - Embedded Storage and Network Security Resources Your guide to the most essential news, blogs, videos and other essential content for embedded storage and network security (more)
Flash Storage Technology: Transforming Storage and Memory Tiers in the Data Center A four-phase approach at the evolution and integration of flash technology Flash is one of the biggest changes in recent computing history; one that provides an opportunity to change the foundations of (more)
Minimize Video Content Delivery Network Operating Expenses The growing demand for video on mobile devices, which requires relatively smooth delivery to look and sound good, is a significant contributor both to network storage headaches and network performance/cost issues. (more)
Ethernet Secures a Future in the Wireless World "Ooh, Baby, Baby It's a Wireless World," but Ethernet Wires Will Be Hanging Around for the Foreseeable Future Ethernet for embedded devices guarantees reliability, security, communication range (more)
Startup Packet Plus Rolls Embedded Debugger Tool Seeking to boost development times and fill a void in the communications equipment market, startup Packet Plus Inc. has come out of stealth mode to introduce its first product: an interactive embedded (more)
Ethernet Traffic Spawns New Class of Processors Open-Architecture Packet Processors Address Increased Ethernet Traffic and Network Security Demands Packet processors are a distinct class of purpose-built processors that have evolved in response to (more)
Web Cloud Services for Embedded Network Devices Designing an embedded networking device, such as a remotely accessible thermostat for the consumer market, poses a number of design challenges. Assuming that most homes have a cable or DSL modem and a (more)
Future-Proofing Smart-Energy Applications Standards, Security and Cost Continue to Drive Design Despite the highly publicized exits of giants Microsoft, Google and Cisco from the smart-grid market, there are still high expectations among companies (more)
Flash Storage Technology: Transforming Storage and Memory Tiers in the Data Center Flash is one of the biggest changes in recent computing history; one that provides an opportunity to change the foundations of computing for years to come. (more)
Network Evolution Challenges As Ethernet gears up to 10, 40 and 100 Gigabits per second, developers better pull on their running shoes to keep up. (more)
NanoSec is an ultra-optimized, micro-footprint IPsec/IKE solution specifically designed to speed product development while providing best-in-class device security services, such as NSA Suite B crypto algorithms and robust certificate management. Plus, it's surprisingly affordable: your NanoSec total cost of ownership will usually be substantially less expensive than open source.
Speed Sells Power isn't as sexy as performance, but it's more important to a very large class of users. …
IDF 2012 Shifts Focus to Cloud and Mobility A wide range of processor types from datacenter to smartphones should enable the accelerated growth of software applications for Intel-based devices. …
Intel Gets Smart with Smartphones The 15 year anniversary of Intel’s Developers Forum kicked off with a somewhat predictable keynote by Dadi Perlmutter, EVP/GM Intel Architecture Group (Figure 1). We’re so used to Intel hitting it out of the park that the astounding messages bordered … Continue reading → …
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Microsoft axes many of its Forefront enterprise security products
SecureF1rst Turnkey Solutions (TeamF1, Inc.)
Floodgate Firewall (Icon Labs)
Iconfidant SSH & SSL (Icon Labs)
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EdgeCloud Small Cell Technology
Intel Architecture-based Cloud-RAN
Wireless Communications Cloud
Nabto offers development help for their worldwide firewall
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