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  Sponsored by: Power.org

Power.org has unveiled its new Power Architecture Silicon Roadmap, the heart of the Power Architecture ecosystem.  The roadmap illustrates the remarkable impact of Power Architecture silicon solutions across applications and previews an accelerated, collaborative growth path based on data from Applied Micro, Freescale, IBM, LSI, GDA Technologies, IPextreme, Synopsis, Virage Logic and Xilinx. The Power Architecture Silicon Roadmap represents a major advancement in technology shown by the development of new cores supporting 64 bit architecture, multicore, virtualization, hypervisor, and energy management serving diverse market segments from embedded, server and hybrid server-embedded based on Power ISA v.2.06.
For details, please view http://www.power.org/resources/devcorner/roadmap

Featured White Papers and Videos
  Power7 Performance Guide v 1.0.2  
  UTM Security Appliance Solution Utilizes QorIQ P1020 and VortiQA Software for Enterprise Equipment  
  EtherCAT on Safety-Certified INTEGRITY OS Demo  
  White Paper on PowerEN™  
  Easing the Make vs. Buy Decision Demo  
  MPC564xL Dual Core Automotive Safety Demo  
  MPC564xL Steer-by-Wire Lite Demo  
  MPC5604B Interior Lighting Demonstrator built on Power Architecture® Technology  
  Green Body Network Demo MPC5517 and MM912F634  
  hADEs A QorIQ P4080 Hypervisor Aware End Solution Application for Platform Analysis  
  Whitepaper on Stride and Prefetch feature in ISA 2.06  
  64-Bit Device Simulator for the QorIQ P5020  
  PROFIBUS for QorIQ and PowerQUICC Processors Demo  
  What is New in the Server Environment of Power ISA v2.06?  
  End-use Applications for Multicore Processors: Freescale QorIQ™ Communications Platform P1, P2 and P4 Series  
  IBM launches eight-core Power7 processor, servers  
  News Update: IBM (NYSE:IBM) Unveils Power 7 Server System  
  New POWER7 workload optimizing systems  
  IBM's Rod Adkins Discusses New POWER7-Based Systems  
  Hypervisors Thrive with Power Architecture  
  Rod Adkins Interview - POWER4 to POWER7  
  Virtualization for Embedded Power Architecture CPUs  
  Power Architecture® ISA 2.06 Stride N Prefetch Engines to Boost Applications Performance  
Industry News
  Power7 Performance Guide Now available to Designers and Architects  
  IBM announced a new IBM PowerEN™ as a new 64 bit architecture based on Power Architecture® technology and support Power ISA 2.06 to address the converging market between the network and servers.  
  Introducing Power Architecture new e5500 Core  
  Mentor Graphics Announces Commercial Linux Platform for Freescale Semiconductor’s Processors Based on Power Architecture Technology; Support for New QorIQ P3 and P5 Platform  
  Freescale extends QorIQ family with quad-core P3 platform optimized for low power  
  Freescale unveils 64-bit QorIQ platform and extends high performance product portfolio for multicore processors  
  Freescale microcontroller adds comfort and convenience to luxury sedans  
  ARM, Freescale, IBM, Samsung, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments Form New Company to Speed the Rollout of Linux-Based Devices  
  AppliedMicro APM8018x Energy-Efficient Processor Family Targets 1-Watt Video-Enabled Consumer Devices  
  Cosmic Power Architecture® Cross Development Tools  
  Sourcery G++™ Improves Embedded Application Performance  
  Sponsored by: IBM

Within a span of 12 months, IBM has released three Power Architecture based offerings:
The processor core PowerPC476FP as the highest performance, highest throughput processor for System-on-chip (SoC) product families in the communication, storage, consumer, and aerospace and defense markets. Related to the server environment, IBM announced its next-generation server chip, the POWER7. The chip has up to eight cores and a dual-chip module holds two processors for a total of 16 cores -- one of the fastest chips to date based on this scientific-centric performance benchmark. Recently, IBM released Power Edge of Network (PowerEN) processor which delivers throughput oriented computing, connectivity efficiency, flexible and scalable resource deployment capability to meet the continually evolving demands of workload optimized Smarter Systems.
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  Sponsored by: Freescale

Freescale QorIQ™ communications platforms enable the next era of networking through new levels of performance, power-efficiency and programmability. Equipped with extensive programming support from ecosystem partners, QorIQ SoC processors consist of single, dual and many cores based on Power Architecture® technology. Start your migration to multicore today.
Visit www.freescale.com/QorIQ

Upcoming Events
  You are invited to attend the upcoming Power.org 1-hour FREE webinar – Power Architecture use cases for high performing embedded solutions  
  PACT 2010 (Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques, Vienna, Sept. 11-15, 2010  
  Linley Tech Processor Conference, San Jose Sept 27-28, 2010  
Featured Power Architecture™ Articles
  Power7 Performance Guide  
  Power Architecture – PowerEN Affinity  
  POWER7 Open, innovative, reliable, workload optimized, outstanding performance  
  Highlights of Power Architecture® Technology Differentiation  
  Nextgen Multicore/Accelerators SoC Platform defined by ITRS  
  What is New in the Server Environment of Power ISA v2.06?  
  New Resources from Power.org  
  Advanced Verification for PowerPC PLB-6 CoreConnect Toolkits  
  Video and Graphics Processing Applications in Embedded Systems  
  HW/SW Co-verification with ZeBu-Server  
  Seamless Integration of Heterogeneous 3rd Party Co-processors in PowerPC-Based SoCs  
  Electronic System Virtualization Solutions for Power Architecture Designs  
  QorIQ – Multicore processing for embedded applications, now and into the future  
  Virtualized Systems Development for Heterogeneous Multi-core and Multi-architecture Systems  
  LTE Solutions with Power Architecture Processors  
  Power Architecture Advancement with Ecosystem  
  Power.org Standards, as they enable the Power Architecture ecosystem solution stack  
  Power VM – Virtualization Platform  
Featured Hardware Datasheets
    TRACE 32® PowerView
The Graphical User Interface (GUI) TRACE32-PowerView is a powerful IDE ...
The mpDemon from Macraigor Sytems provides the embedded system...
    Universal Access Device 2 (UAD2 and UAD2+) for PowerPC
The powerful 32bit communication unit based Universal Access Device 2 (UAD2) offers a flexible communication tool to access....
JTAG Emulator
The usb2Demon is a JTAG interface used in the design, debug, and programming...
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Featured Processors / Support Chips / Cores Datasheets
Processors / Support Chips / Cores
    Freescale QorIQ™ P2 Communications Platform Series
The QorIQ P2 communications platform series, which includes the P2020 and P2010...
    MPC5121e 32-bit Power Architecture® multi-core processor
Freescale’s MPC5121e provides a computing platform for consumer, industrial and automotive...
    MPC5674F 32-bit Power Architecture® microcontrollers
The MPC5674F is designed to help automakers offer more fuel-efficient automobiles and meet...
    QorIQ™ P4 Communications Platform Series
The QorIQ P4 communications platform series includes two code- and pin-compatible...
    IBM PowerPC 476FP Embedded Proccessor Core
A high-performance processor core with coherency-enabled level 1 caches...
    POWER7 & Power PC Processor Cores
The new POWER7 Core has a total of 18 Execution units, including two fixed point pipelines...
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Featured Software Datasheets
TRACE32 comprises a complete set of development and testing tools for the Power ...
    Universal Debug Engine for Power Architecture®
On Top Solutions for System Development Universal Debug Engine (UDE) is a powerful...
Flash Tools
    Flash Programmer
The OCD Flash Programmer allows in-circuit programming of FLASH memory on a PowerPC ...
    FLASH Programming for PowerPC
MemTool is a customizable and standalone component of Universal Debug Engine (UDE)...
Integrated Development Environment
    Eclipse / GNU Toolkits
A free Eclipse Ganymede-compliant embedded debugging solution with sample Eclipse projects ...
Virtual Machines
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Featured Services Datasheets
Design Services
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