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Microsoft Application Development
Quarterly Report
April 2012
Microsoft Announces Comprehensive Media Services Platform and Architectural Guidance for the Cloud
At the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2012 conference today, Microsoft Corp. announced new media services and guidance to enable content providers and customers to realize the power of cloud computing.  (more)
Create Rich Business Applications without the Hassle of Writing Plumbing.
DevForce takes a giant step beyond RIA Services with query caching, unrestricted LINQ syntax and more. Plus, DevForce provides a fully cross platform solution so you can reach any user, anywhere, with Silverlight, WPF, WinForms and ASP.NET.
Manage Devices Through a 'Single Pane of Glass'
ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Razor and Open Source
Visual Studio Ultimate Roadmap
Microsoft Announces Comprehensive Media Services Platform and Architectural Guidance for the Cloud
ImageGear for .NET and Silverlight Add Cloud Capture
On the Road With Windows Embedded
Cocktail provides an end-to-end platform for building XAML-based applications
DynamicOps Announces Deep Integration with Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center 2012
First 4G LTE Windows Phones Hit Stores, Help People Do Everyday Tasks Faster
AOL and Microsoft Announce $1.056 Billion Patent Deal
Sync the Nokia Lumia 900 with Microsoft Outlook
Axceler, ECS Announce Partnership in Microsoft SharePoint Solutions Market
Microsoft Reinvents Certification Program Aligning to the Cloud
Microsoft Announces Largest Cloud Customer Ever: All India Council for Technical Education to Reach 7 Million With Live@edu
Nimble Storage Delivers Unparalleled Performance and Capacity in Microsoft Exchange 2010 Jetstress Benchmark Testing
AltiGen's Microsoft Lync Enabled Voice Mobility Solution Certified Under Aruba Networks' Technology Partner Program
Microsoft Names New Leaders in Key International Markets
Ariba Teaming Up with Microsoft to Plug Businesses into Networked Economy
Next Intelligent Systems: Rx for Better Healthcare
Barcode Pro for WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight & SSRS + ThermalLabel SDK for .NET by Neodynamic
Syncfusion Releases Metro Icon Package
Ringing Up Sales With Windows Embedded
Kentico CMS empowers the websites of 60 companies from the Fortune Global 500
New Version of ImageGear Professional Released by Accusoft
RSSBus Unleashes Powerful JDBC Drivers For Easily Connecting with Applications, Data, and Services
MarkLogic Releases Major Updates to Productivity Tools
InterCall Provides Audio Conferencing Platform with Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Multitenant Pack for Partner Hosting
Micro Strategies Opens Two Microsoft Experience Centers
Reddy Ice Boosts Productivity While Reducing Costs With Microsoft Hyper-V Server Virtualization Technology
Building 100% native mobile apps with ASP.NET MVC
Leverage the power of ASP.NET MVC and your knowledge of HTML, CSS, C# and JavaScript to build cutting edge, 100% native applications for all leading mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7.x. Read it now.
SPTechCon, July 22-25 in Boston, is the world's premier independent event for Microsoft SharePoint. TechGuide subscribers receive a $100 discount off either the 4-day or 3-day pass by inserting the code MEDIASPONSOR when prompted.
Hybrid Cloud Emigration Will Drive Wholesale Data Center Adoption Vantage Data Center's Greg Ness is seeing public, cloud-enabled players migrate into private clouds as they cross the 500kW threshold and lay out plans for exceeding 1MW. (more)
The Hybrid Cloud is the Future of IT Infrastructure Vantage Data Center's Greg Ness looks at the advantages of IT consumerization, which offers more choice, more differentiation, and more influence over future vendor releases and the design and construction of new data centers. (more)
Looking Beyond the Vanilla Data Center Vantage Data Center's Greg Ness re-examines the shift from vanilla, one-size=fits-all spaces to custom and energy-efficient data centers strategically aligned to specific enterprise needs. (more)
The Big Data Era Vantage Data Center's Greg Ness makes the case that smart manufacturing and wireless are closely tied to big data, and data centers are becoming both factory and storefront. (more)
Nemertes Predicts Colocation Crunch Vantage Data Center's Greg Ness takes a closer look at the impendingn colocation crunch that's due to hit as growth continues for larger, newer data centers, and traditional, less efficient centers shrink. (more)
The Cloud and the Great Data Center Race Vantage Data Center's Greg Ness examines the pressure CIOs face as the tension grows between evolution in demands on IT and an extended period of economic doldrums. (more)
Getting a Mindful from Gartner Summit: Virtualization, Networks and Data Centers Vantage Data Center's Greg Ness is intrigued by the idea of enterprises increasingly embracing virtualization for agility instead of looking at the cloud as a tool to increase efficiency and save money. (more)
Smaller Companies and Larger Data Centers Vantage Data Center's Greg Ness ponders Lew's Law and reflects that the near future will be driven by smaller companies producing more electrons per employee via larger and more efficient data centers. (more)
More Than Just Hype How cloud–based applications will change the game Remember those days when you used to take your USB stick with you anywhere you went? You still do? Synchronizing your media files or personal documents (more)
Tame Business Application Development with DevForce AF   Data–rich, multi–screen, business applications are a struggle to build well. So many pieces have to fit together and there’s no one to guide you. You think you have a handle on (more)
Windows Reimagined New Touch–Centric Operating System Designed for the Mobile World Microsoft previewed the next major release of Windows, code–named “Windows 8,” at the recent developer–focused (more)
Trends in Microsoft Platforms How Developers are Using Microsoft Tools in Rapidly Changing Markets Microsoft continues to update tools geared toward the developer, enterprise and consumer environments. In addition, Microsoft is expanding (more)
Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) New Release Expands Device Markets and Opportunities for Developers In late September, Microsoft launched the new release of Windows Phone 7.5 code–named “Mango.” In addition to changes (more)
How to Port iOS Applications to the Windows Phone Platform This article outlines the high–level steps in successfully setting up the Windows Phone development environment to submitting the mobile application for approval. (more)
What Windows 8 Means for the Future of Digital Signage (And Why That’s Significant for Everyone) The fact that Microsoft’s operating systems shape the way people work with computers isn’t particularly newsworthy. Given their worldwide dominance, (more)
Computing Advances Drive New Microsoft Application Development New Technologies Let Developer Translate Applications to New Devices and Platforms The ability to develop applications and host content so that it is available across a wide variety of platforms and can (more)
Windows Embedded Compact 7 Advantages Modular, Scalable and Optimized for Embedded Devices Whether you are a professional software developer, plumber, carpenter or skilled surgeon, you need proper tools and work environment to perform your (more)
Crunch Time in the Clouds Vantage Data Center's Greg Ness asserts that the future of IT will likely be created by those who accelerate the pace of automation and build more energy-efficient, scalable data centers. (more)
Fast Times in the Cloud Vantage Data Center's Greg Ness warns not to let "cloud hysteria" distract you from the fact that the technology industry is entering an era of accelerating change. (more)
The Data Center is the Server, the Cloud and the Future Vantage Data Center's Greg Ness sees the data center will be front and center for the foreseeable future, promising a much-needed disruption at the core of how they are designed, built, and managed. (more)
Great Free Course on Building ASP.NET MVC Apps With EF Code First, HTML5 and jQuery Pluralsight has developed a great training course on Building ASP.NET MVC Apps with EF Code First, HTML5 and jQuery.  It is presented by the most excellent Dan Wahlin, and is really comprehensive.  Details of the course outline can be found here. Free 1-Month Subscription to the Course Pluralsight is offering a special promotion that allows you to get a free 1-month subscription to watch the above course as many time as you want at no cost.  There is no obligation to buy anything at the end of the offer and you don't need to supply a credit card in order to take part in it. …
Free 1-Month Subscription to the ASP.NET MVC with EF Code First, HTML5, and jQuery Course Pluralsight just started running an offer that allows you to get free access to the Building ASP.NET MVC Apps with EF Code First, HTML5 and jQuery course for a month. That's plenty of time to watch the entire course….multiple times if you wanted! To get access simply follow @pluralsight on Twitter and then enter your Twitter alias in the form they provide. Once they verify your Twitter alias you'll be sent an activation code. Read all about the offer here. If you're currently not on Twitter you can sign up super fast here. I personally find that it's a great way to stay in touch with …
Improving Find & Replace in Visual Studio 11 Beta In our previous blog post, we introduced the new Find control we are building in Visual Studio.  Our goal was to streamline and modernize the vast array of Find experiences and provide a lightweight mechanism to search within documents. With the huge number of responses we received from the Developer Preview, we knew that our top priority for the Beta release was improving the quality of Find.  Since the Developer Preview release, we have fixed a large number of customer reported bugs, including replace in selection not working, buttons being disabled in the find dialog, missing wrap …
Does Silverlight Matter to Windows Phone 8? A lot has been made since a report from Microsoft late last week (http://shawnw.me/HPEh0R) that seemed to say that Silverlight on the phone was going away in Windows Phone 8 (Apollo). I liked a lot of what this article had to say (from e-week): http://shawnw.me/IwMgR2 So it got me thinking that much of the Silverlight community would be jumping out of windows (lower case and not TM) this week due to the news. But of course, if that's the case for you, I'd urge you not to panic. Why? Let me tell you. CAVEAT: I am guessing and have no inside knowledge on what Windows Phone 8 is going to do. Really! …
Endless Pagination - Load content using DevExpress ASP.NET while scrolling Check out this solution to provide an 'endless pagination' feature to your DevExpress ASP.NET enabled websites: A DevExpress ASP.NET Approach You can achieve the above sample using these DevExpress ASP.NET controls: ASPxCallback ASPxLoadingPanel ASPxPanel JavaScript methods from our ASPxClientUtils object Take a look at this code central sample here: ASPxCallback - How to load the content while scrolling - Auto page growth on scrolling down (online demo) I'll talk about the magic of the JavaScript code below but first, let's look at the general problem …
Great Free Course on Building ASP.NET MVC Apps With EF Code First, HTML5 and jQuery
Wanted!! Great Windows 8 Metro style apps
Working with SQL Server LocalDB in LightSwitch Projects in Visual Studio 11
Root Cause Analysis for Toddlers and Medical Eyeball Tweezers
Workaround for CA0055 Error with Silverlight Projects in Visual Studio 2010
Better Together: TFS 2010 and System Center 2012
The Real Pain of Software Development [part 2]
Speaking about Blend for HTML at Stir Trek
Tech Ed 2012
WebSmart Web Services (Melissa Data)
RSSBus Data Providers (RSSBus)
PPC-E7+ (EMAC, inc.)
Extreme Environment PT110 Atom Fanless Barebone (Logic Supply)
TopTeam Analyst (TechnoSolutions Corp)
ImageGear (Accusoft Pegasus)
dotConnect Data Providers (Devart)
Red Carpet Subscriptions (/n software)
ThermalLabel SDK & Barcode Pro SDK - ASP.NET - WPF - Silverlight - SSRS (Neodynamic)
SpreadsheetGear 2010 - Excel Compatible Spreadsheet Components for ASP.NET and Windows Forms (SpreadsheetGear LLC)
Components for .NET and Windows Development (Syncfusion, Inc.)
Report Generator combit List & Label (combit)
Build data-rich business apps (IdeaBlade)
Altova MissionKit (Altova)
GuardIT® Provides Software Security for Desktop and Server Apps (Arxan Technologies, Inc.)
JetBrains .NET Developer Tools (JetBrains)
TeamCity (JetBrains)
Data Quality Tools for Developers (Melissa Data)
Runtime Intelligence Service (PreEmptive Solutions)
Seminars for Windows Developers (Azius Developer Training)
CrypKey Protection and Licensing Tools and Services (CrypKey (Canada) Inc)
DevForce: Build Data Driven Apps Fast (IdeaBlade)
Report Generator combit List & Label (combit)
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GuardIT® Provides Software Security for Desktop and Server Apps
Accessing Medical Records on Mobile Devices
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