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Industry News
  Vision 2008 Embedded Linux Developers Conference  
  Perst Lite Embedded Database Powers BlackBerry-Based Carbon Calculator  
  Total Phase To Participate as an Exhibitor in Renesas Technology's U.S. Developers' Conference  
  Finisar First to Deliver Complete Protocol Testing Platform for Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)  
  Fraunhofer IIS Audio Decoder in Frontier Silicon’s Radio Module powers REVO DAB+ Radio  
  Tyco Electronics Wireless System's OpenSky Radio Network Complete and Fully Operational in Newton County, Georgia  
Featured Consumer Electronics Articles
  Consumer Electronics Trends: December, 2007
Featured Hardware / Connectors / Cables Datasheets
Hardware / Connectors / Cables
    Tyco Electronics Connectors Incorporating HDMI Technology over eSATA
Tyco Electronics announces the release of two next-generation connectors, which incorporate...
    Tyco Electronics’ Industry’s First EST and Overcurrent Reference layout for HDMI 1.3 Interfaces Based on Passive Protection Devices
Tyco Electronics introduces a reference layout using ESD and overcurrent protection for HDMI™...
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Featured Software Datasheets
Embedded Internet Packages
    RomPlug UPnP Application Toolkits
RomPlug UPnP toolkits are precision engineered products...
Applications Software
    Fraunhofer IIS software for multimedia applications
Supported Autodesk Products:all ARM based processors, all MIPS based processors, ...
Protocol Stacks / Networking Software
    Remote Firmware Provisioning for Network Enabled Consumer Devices
Simplify service and support, automate setup configuration and enhance product functionality...
    CIFS - NQ
NQ is an embedded CIFS server/client protocol. ...
Software & Database
    eXtremeDB Fusion Eembedded Database System
In the race to offer advanced features, consumer electronics devices manage...
Software / JVMs
    CEE-J Virtual Machine
Proven in the marketplace on millions of devices and more on the way, Skelmir®’s clean room CEE-J...
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Featured Tools Datasheets
Hardware Debug Tools
    BeagleTM USB 480 Protocol Analyzer
The BeagleTM USB 480 Protocol Analyzer is a low...
Test and Measurement Equipment
    Bus Doctor SD/SDIO Analyzer
The Bus Doctor™ RX SD/SDIO protocol analyzer...
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