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metaio has more than 10 years of experience developing and implementing AR solutions across mobile, web, and industrial platforms for over 500 B2B clients, an international partner network, and numerous collaborative research projects. metaio is also the producer of junaio, a free B2C mobile platform and app.
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Power SubD-NURBS fundamentally changes how artists, designers, engineers work together.
Power SubD-NURBS integrates SubD modeling with NURBS modeling:
•  Apply NURBS operations (Booleans, fillets, etc.) to mesh models
•  Apply SubD operations to NURBS models
•  Export mesh models to CAD systems
New! Power ScanToNURBS converts scanned meshes into NURBS
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Gain a thorough introduction to Autodesk’s 3ds Max Design software with ASCENT’s Autodesk Official Training Guide: 3ds Max Design 2012 Fundamentals. This guide is ideal for new users as well as existing, self-taught users. Printed Training Guides, digital eBooks, and Instructor Tools available! Buy online: www.ASCENTeStore.com  
Featured Autodesk Articles
    CyberGlove III Mocap Glove
CyberGlove III Mocap Glove is the wireless data glove for high–accuracy joint–angle measurements…
    MA98 Multi–Angle Spectrophotometer
New functionality allows Autodesk Showcase to accept measurements of multi–layered automotive paint and plastics through…
    Autodesk 3ds Max 2012 Essentials
Whether you’re new to 3D or just brushing up on the basics, this is the fast and thorough grounding you need in 3ds Max…
    Introducing Autodesk Maya 2012
Professional Maya practitioner and instructor Dariush Derakhshani leads readers through the nuances of the complex software…
Augmented Reality
    ARmedia Augmented Reality Plugin
Augmented Reality refers to the blending of digital and real world information in real–time by means of suitable computer interfaces…
    Unifeye Augmented Reality SDK
Develop and deploy your custom augmented reality solution with the full capabilities of the Unifeye software platform…
File Conversion, Asset Management, API Utilities
    Okino CAD+DCC+Animation Pro Translators for 3ds Max & Maya
Since the original releases of 3ds Max and Maya, Okino’s PolyTrans–for–3dsMax and PolyTrans–for–Maya…
    PolyTrans|CAD+DCC+Animation Pro 3D Translation System
Now in its third decade of development, PolyTrans|CAD is used by tens of thousands of production…
Other Design & Visualization
    Power SubD–NURBS
Power SubD–NURBS (patent pending) is a revolutionary product that will fundamentally change the way that artists, engineers…
Rendering, Shading, Distributed Rendering
    Atrium Designer® Global Illumination made simple
We think you spend enough time waiting. Lumatix Atrium Designer® 2012 is the vision of calculating dynamic…
Texturing, Paint, Composing
    Substance Designer 2
Substance Designer allows you to create substances, a new kind of smart textures. Substances are hybrid assets…
Distributed Rendering
    Muster 6
Muster 6 is Virtual Vertex next generation render farm management system. Muster is made by dynamic services…
    Pratt Institute’s Center for Continuing and Professional Studies (CCPS) has been an Autodesk® Training Center (ATC) since 1985
Pratt CCPS offers you a choice of two certificate program concentrations in computer graphics, and provides…
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