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AdvancedTCA® Quarterly Report November 2012
A Common IA Platform for Workload Consolidation on ATCA
After more than a decade of acquisitions and shake-ups, many OEMs are enduring the costs of maintaining multiple hardware platforms and face challenges to drive core product development across dissimilar technology bases. Enter the "Common Platform" strategists who are often confronted with making inter-divisional peace whilst preparing for the next generation platform rollout. (more)
LTE North America
LTE North America 2012 – November 14-15 2012
The ONLY Dedicated LTE Event in the North American Region!
Now in its 5th year, LTE North America has firmly established itself as the ultimate 'learning conference' of the region, bringing together the leaders of the entire LTE ecosystem for unparalleled breadth and depth of discussion around the future of mobile broadband.
New Emerson Network Power 40G ATCA Blade Enables the Cost and Efficiency Benefits of Workload Consolidation
GTP-AMC: GTP Acceleration for LTE and Legacy Networks
Advantech Introduces Universal ATCA Blade Adaptable To Widest Range Of Networking Infrastructure Applications
Elma Electronic Delivers Complete Range of xTCA Platforms
New 6-Slot, front to back cooled, 40G AdvancedTCA Chassis from Asis
Ruggedized Small Form Factor Enclosures
MINIPAC™ aluminum enclosures provide physical protection, up to IP40, to sensitive PCB boards. Designed with efficient cooling fins, MINIPAC dissipates heat way from critical electronics with no fans, keeping the enclosure’s interior free from environmental contaminants. Highly robust MINIPAC integrates with 50-, 60- and 65-mm PCB boards without any additional components required.
A new free white paper describes the key elements of the next-generation communications platform from Intel®, codename Crystal Forest, which enables a single ATCA blade type to perform both control and packet processing functions at very high speed, and the key requirements for an effective system-level implementation.
PCIe Follows USB 3.0 to Mobile Applications PCIe is following USB into mobile chip-to-chip applications by adopting the low-power MIPI M-PHY. (more)
Bringing HPC Technology to Mil-Aero, Embedded Deployment Embedded HPEC systems are following the commercial HPC trend towards Intel x86 architectures running Linux, but deployed on VITA's rugged OpenVPX form factor with RapidIO interconnect fabrics. (more)
AdvancedTCA Vendors Look for Growth Suppliers see shift to 40G Ethernet and low power systems (more)
Consolidating Packet Forwarding Services with Data-Plane Development Software Consolidating all three planes to a single ATCA blade is now possible. (more)
A Mobile Starbucks Hotspot, in Spots That Aren't So Hot. And There's No Coffee. Radio Aware Routing protocols enable ad hoc battlefield networks. (more)
PICMG Then and…Now Solves 40G Ethernet Challenges PICMG has been a successful standards creation organization since 1994, has over 300 member companies, and has developed over 30 specifications. (more)
A Common IA Platform for Workload Consolidation on ATCA After more than a decade of acquisitions and shake-ups, many OEMs are enduring the costs of maintaining multiple hardware platforms and face challenges to drive core product development across dissimilar (more)
AdvancedTCA® CO14N-AC 14U, 14 slot Shelf with AC Power (more)
Performance Grows When Multicore Partners with ATCA ATCA is the ideal platform for compute-intensive multicore applications. Even when legacy applications can't use multicore performance, virtualization evens the score in a tidy hardware system. (more)
Techniques for Measuring ACLR Performance in LTE Transmitters Modern wireless service providers are continually pushing for more bandwidth to deliver Internet Protocol (IP) services to more users. Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is a next-generation cellular technology (more)
Moving To N-Dimensional Embedded Supercomputers From CPU-bound to today's I/O-bound architectures. We now have enough CPU horsepower to worry about I/O bottlenecks. But how did we get here? The future lies beyond 2D architectures. (more)
The Case for Optimal Mid-Sized Shelves for AdvancedTCA Applications The doors have opened with new possibilities in mid-sized ATCA shelves, which are gaining traction in applications such as military, data center and telco designs. (more)
40Gb Migration Drives ATCA Growth ATCA equipment providers are facing demand for higher bandwidth products, even though the ATCA 40Gb standard hasn't yet been ratified by PICMG. Migration strategies, interoperability and spec extensions all impact growth opportunities. (more)
Going Native with SuperSpeed Why access to native 10b data is essential to troubleshooting USB 3.0 designs. (more)
Maximize Multicore Processor Efficiency with Parallel Programming Paradigms A heterogeneous multicore architecture can significantly improve parallelization and scale with silicon technology, enabling the performance to drive today's mobile broadband networking applications. The (more)
Comtel Electronics offers high performance and highly stable ATCA platforms with world class IPMI Shelf Management support. Contact us to learn how we'll help ensure success in your next ATCA deployment. Choose from ATCA 1-slot, 2-slot, 6-slot, and 14-slot platforms with both AC and DC power options. Comtel engineers success!
Systems Simulation Moves from Goods and Services to Experiences This is the first of two stories about Dassault Systemes move into the world of semiconductor development. …
Remaking The Playing Field Is the Imagination-MIPS deal really just a standalone purchase, or is there much more lurking under the surface? …
"MicroFlix"…Funny name; how crazy would it be if Netflix joined the Microsoft Family? If Microsoft were to buy Netflix - and it's a big "if", since it's only a rumor - MSFT could join Apple, Amazon and Google in having a huge influence on the embedded industry. Continue reading → …
Sony VAIO Duo 11 up for grabs at LAUNCH
My Laptop freezes a few minutes after start-up
MicroTCA System Platforms (Elma Electronic Inc.)
ATCA-8310 DSP/Media Processing Blade (Emerson Embedded Computing)
AdvancedTCA System Platforms (Elma Electronic Inc.)
AdvancedTCA Handles & Panels (Elma Electronic Inc.)
Centellis™ Series ATCA® Systems (Emerson Embedded Computing)
SAMC-713 High Performance Virtex-6 AMC with FMC expansion site (Scan Engineering Telecom GmbH)
ATCA-7365 Rugged Communications Platform (Elma Electronic Inc.)
SAMC-404 High-performance DSP board (Scan Engineering Telecom GmbH)
Adax Application Ready Platform (Adax, Inc.)
AdvancedTCA 19" rackmount 5U System Platform, AC or DC versions (Elma Electronic Inc.)
AdvancedTCA SystemPak - 40G Application Ready Platforms (Elma Electronic Inc.)
ATCA-9112 Switch blade with 10/40GbE switching for 16 slot systems (Advantech Corporation)
Adax Pkt2-PCIe / PacketAMC (Adax, Inc.)
SAMC-514 Quad-core Processor AMC based on Core i7 (Scan Engineering Telecom GmbH)
Adax ATM4-AMC / ATM5-PCIe (Adax, Inc.)
Adax HDC3 (Adax, Inc.)
Dual Intel® Xeon® E5 ATCA® Blade (ATCA-N1) (Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc., An Avnet Company)
40Gigabit AdvancedTCA Backplanes (Elma Electronic Inc. )
Adax PacketRunner (Adax, Inc.)
ATCA-F1 Dual AMD Socket F AdvancedTCA Blade (Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc., An Avnet Company)
ATCA-RT01 AdvancedTCA® RTM with Video and Storage (Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc., An Avnet Company)
LeCroy's PCI Express® Protocol Analysis and Test Tools (Teledyne LeCroy)
MicroTCA Backplanes (Elma Electronic Inc.)
ATCA-7310 Dual Cavium® Octeon® II CN6880 Node Blade with 40G switch (Advantech Corporation)
MIC-5332 AdvancedTCA® 10GbE Dual Socket CPU Blade with Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 Processors (Advantech Corporation)
MIC-8901 ATCA® DSP Blade with 20 TMS320TCI6608 DSPs (Advantech Corporation)
ATCA-7370 Dual Intel Xeon Processing Blade (Emerson Embedded Computing)
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